The Story So Far

Chapter 1: Welcome to Tioga

Week 1:Throwdown at the Big Pig:The Forsaken arrive in Tioga and have a confrontation with some local Pure

Week 2:The Offer:The Forsaken fully meet and are offered land by the Alpha of the Mountain Laurel Legion

Week 3:Getting Some Gas:The Forsaken confront some Propane spirits trying to leave their territory

Week 4:The Arrival:The Forsaken get a first glimpse of their new home

Week 5:Getting Acclimated:The Forsaken join the Wellsboro community in various ways and are attacked by zombie werewolves

Week 6:Into the Shadow:The Forsaken travel into the Shadow Realm and speak with the totem of the previous pack about how the zombies were created

Week 7:Claiming the Territory:The Forsaken confront and defeat the undead werewolves and their creator

Week 8:No Rest for the Wicked:The Forsaken find their home invaded by various spirits and Troy does some cover-up

Chapter 2:Time for the Children to Come Home

Week 8.1:The Next Day:A man gets electrocuted, another shoots at the cops, a woman gets a bone lodged in her throat

Week 9:Trouble About Town:The Forsaken investigate the wierd happenings about town

Week 10:Two Interesting Conversations:The Forsaken meet the spirit of Wellsboro and have a chat about the title of Alpha

Week 11:A Trip to the Hospital:The Forsaken travel into the Shadow to face a killer spirit

Week 12:A Victory, a Defeat, a Revelation:The Forsaken defeat a spirit threat and realize there’s a bigger picture

Week 13:Paying a Debt:The Forsaken make the local Chinese food restaraunt have a bad night

Week 14:Making Deals and Plans:The Forsaken do some reconnaissance, make a deal with a Fear Spirit, and chat again about Alphas

Week 15:Meeting the Architect:The Forsaken meet the Town spirit of Cooksfield as well as an odd Owl spirit

Week 16:The Promise of Cooksfield:The Forsaken end the mission of the killer Town spirit and immediately face a new problem

Week 17:Trial By Combat:The Forsaken defend their claim against Freedom’s Trident

Chapter 3:West of Wellsboro

Week 18:Killer on the Road:Val and Troy are informed of a threat and visit a scene from the past

Week 19:Hunting Fear:Val investigates a local while Troy stalks some hunters

Week 20:Consequences of Battle:Val and Troy find that a fight is not always the end of things

Week 21:The Girl in the Bug:Val and Troy follow Eyes-of-Moon advice

Week 22:Seeking Solutions:Where the pack seeks a permanent solution to the Crimson Rivers

Week 23:Facing the Pure:The pack solves the problem of the Inez Wellness Home

Chapter 4:A Nest of Enemies

Week 24:A Sickness Descends:Val thinks a local outbreak is worth investigating


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