Valentina Sorrento


Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Pride

Mental Attributes Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2

Social Attributes Presence 3, Manipulation 1, Composure 3

Mental Skills Computer 1, Medicine (ER care) 3

Physical Skills Athletics (Long Distance Running), Brawl (Blocking) 2, Survival 2, Weaponry 1

Social Skills Empathy 2, Expression 1, Intimidation (Stare Down) 4, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1

Merits Resources 1, Language 3 (Spanish 2 and Italian 1)

Health 7, Willpower 4, Essence Max 10

Primal Urge 2, Harmony 7

Renown Purity 1, Honor 3

Gift Lists: Full Moon, Dominance, Strength, Evasion, Weather

Gifts: Warning Growl, Clarity, Call Breeze, Death Grip, Luna’s Dictum

Pending: 33 XP as follows:

3XP to gain one dot in Firearms

3XP to gain one dot in Occult

2XP to gain one dot in First Tongue

15XP to purchase the Dominance 3rd level gift Voice of Command

9 held in reserve for Totem

1XP left over


Valentina is 31, 5’4" tall, with brown eyes and short curly brown hair. She was born in south Florida to a working class family. Her father and mother were both heavy drinkers, and her father abused her mother, her sister, and Valentina herself. At age 11, Valentina was placed in foster care; her sister, then 16, married a high school boyfriend just to get out of the house. A month after Valentina entered foster care, her father beat her mother to death.

Val became an ER nurse in her twenties. While she was in college, she re-established contact with her sister, Patricia, only to find that Patricia had fallen into the same pattern as their mother – a series of abusive relationships and allowing her own children to be abused. Valentina reported her sister; she tried to take in the kids, but found her own temper to be a problem. Afraid that she would harm the kids herself, she placed them with an aunt and uncle in South Carolina. Her sister, pissed at Val’s “sticking her nose where it didn’t belong,” cut off contact again.

In her job at an ER, Valentina sees a lot of domestic abuse cases – a lot of the same victims returning again and again. She was vigilant about reporting all abuse cases to police or child services. One patient, a young woman named Julia, came in 6 times in as many months before Val could convince her to get a protection from abuse order and press charges against her boyfriend, Jimmy.

Three nights later, during a full moon, Val stopped at a local all-night grocery around midnight. Jimmy slammed her into her truck before she saw him, as she was about to open the door. Spewing drunken profanities about her meddlingand not minding her own damned business, Jimmy wanted to get some payback.

Val doesn’t remember much about what happened after that. She didn’t come back to herself until the next morning, covered in blood on her own back porch.

Later, after being taken in by a pack, Val realized that a patient who bit her weeks before her first change – a wild-eyed young man she had thought high or mentally ill – was one of the pack members. “I wanted to see how you handled violent patients,” Aaron told her with a laugh.

“Like this,” Val answered, punching him and breaking his nose.

Val has few friends. She keeps people mostly at a distance and treating them as having to earn her respect. She has a quick temper that takes visible effort to control. She makes quick decisions — often unwisely – and has little patience for what she views as indecisiveness. She is blunt to the point of rudeness.

Her father was released from prison several months before. She is afraid he might try to find her – afraid she would kill him on sight.

Val’s music: She likes old style country music, and songs that are loud, fast, and with a rhythm like a heart-beat. She likes to drive fast, sometimes recklessly – she has a history of speeding tickets.

Val’s sig: If it gets caught, it deserves to be eaten.

Guilty pleasure: Action movies with lots of explosions.

Tattooes/scars: Scars from cigarette burns on her shoulders and back. Tattooes of dark green and black vines circle around them, the circular scars like berries on the vines.

Val saw/heard strange things throughout her life. Voices whispering in the shadows, laughing while she and her sister cowered in their closet as their mother was being beaten. She always assumed – once she was old enough to understand this was unusual – that it was all part of a mental illness inherited from her parents.

_Note: Portrait adapted, under Creative Commons license, from this photograph_

Valentina Sorrento

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