Starry Night

An intelligent member of the Freedom's Trident Pack


In human form, Starry Night is a late 20s, early 30s woman with raven dark hair. Her body is tight from a lifetime of running. Her skin is pale from her years working the night shift in an ER. In her lupine forms, her black hair is matted with small tufts of white, hence the reason for her deed name.

She had always thought it was her mind that set her apart from her peers. In the ER, she was never panicked. The blood and chaos never affected her, even when a patient bit her. Of course, that was the beginning of her new life. Soon after, she experienced her first change under the crescent moon and joined with the Freedom’s Trident pack.

She seeks to make her pack more like a scalpel, rather than a sword, cutting where necessary to remove enemies of the Uratha.

DM’s Note: Portrait adapted, under Creative Commons license, from "this photograph":

Starry Night

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