Seeker of Truth

An outdoorsman originally, now he tries live a life of Harmony


Mental Attributes Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3

Physical Attributes Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3

Social Attributes Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3

Mental Skills Academics 2, Crafts (Flies and Fishing Rods) 1, Investigation 1, Medicine (First Aid) 1, Occult 2

Physical Skills Athletics 3, Drive 1, Firearms 2, Stealth 2, Survival (Hunting, Fishing) 3

Social Skills Animal Ken (Animal Needs) 2, Empathy 2

Merits Resources 1, Language(First Tongue) 1, Mentor 2, Eidetic Memory 2, Fetish 2, Locus 3

Health 8, Willpower 6, Essence Max 11

Primal Urge 2, Harmony 7

Renown Purity 1, Wisdom 2

Gifts Two-World Eyes, Sense Malice

Rites Rite of Dedication

Attacks Glock 17 6, Rifle 9, shotgun 8, bow 7

Notable Equipment Almost everything a hunter/fisherman/camper could want, Scent Catcher (a bloodhound spirit in an amulet carved in the likeness of a bloodhound from bloodhound bone – grants +3 to track by scent for 1 minute/success, same bonus to Hishu, must wear amulet at all times or it will not work for one moon).


Seeker-of-Truth was born Kenneth Waters to middle class professional parents Jim and Marcie Waters in Morgantown, West Virginia. Ken never quite felt connected to his parents, not the way his older brother James and younger sister Marlee did. From a young age, he always wanted to be outside doing things rather than inside studying like his siblings. He explored the world around him with some gusto, even though his parents would rather he spent his time with books to get a good education and take a professional job somewhere. Ken could parrot back facts and formulas easily enough, so his grades were not bad, but he had no patience for putting in any extra effort.

Ken’s parents also tried to get him involved in various extracurricular activities like sports (baseball, soccer – he isn’t big enough for football) and music (clarinet). They even tried karate once. He would start out with great enthusiasm, but soon lose it. He tried to fit in with all those groups, but never quite connected. The only place he found contentment was outdoors. He started with fishing, moved on to small game hunting, then big game. Ken became an all-around outdoorsman during his early to mid-teen years.

Then one summer when he was 16, two hikers disappeared in the forests and hills outside town. They said Ken was too young to join in the search, but he convinced Betty that they could find the hikers and the two of them set off on an adventure. They were local heroes for a few weeks when they stumbled out of the forest with the two hikers safe except for one sprained ankle.

After that, the guidance counselor pointed out to him the various careers to be had working with the outdoors such as conservationist or park ranger, which is the one he decided on. He went to college for a short while before getting a job with the federal parks system. He has also been an avid hunter and fisherman since his teenage years.

Ken generally saw himself as decent but distant, but trying to find a way to fit in before his First Change. People who don’t know him could find him brusque or blunt. Rivals, like Jake Ramsey, high school varsity football quarterback, a rival for Betty Freeman, called him indecisive and arrogant.

Betty Freeman grew up down the street from Ken and they went all through school together. About the time that boys get crushes on girls, Ken got one on Betty and it stayed with him through high school. Jake became a rival because as the quarterback, he was supposed to be the only one the head cheerleader was interested in. In tenth grade, Jake beat up Ken in front of Betty, one of Ken’s most embarrassing moments. Ken took Betty to the senior prom, one of his proudest.

Until the First Change.

Ken had had no contact with the supernatural before his Change. He did sometimes notice a large canine figure that seemed to be watching him from the shadows from time to time growing up. He didn’t think much of it until the day she bit him. She just came silently out of the dark while he was working one night and nipped him on the leg. A few days later, under the light of a crescent moon, things got really strange.

[NOTES: Both Ken’s parents grew up in foster care. Both are wolf-blooded. Ken’s mother’s mother is an Uratha, the one who bit him and helped him through his Change. She is also a Bone Shadow Ithauer. Feels superfluous in his current pack – Grandmother is a for more experienced Ritemaster, something he wants to be – work in the Envy he feels about that. Has some goals about making Fetishes, getting the spirits in his pack’s territory to help make it a territory others will be envious of, and he wants to be the best Uratha he can be by learning all the secrets he can.]

Seeker of Truth

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