Jake Stiltner

The Trailer Trash Red Shield



  Intelligence:  2              Strength:  3                     Presence:  3

  Wits:  2                        Dexterity:  2                     Manipulation:  2

  Resolve:  2                   Stamina:  2                      Composure:  3


  Mental:  Investigation 1; Occult 1; Politics 1; Science 1.

  Physical:  Athletics 2; Brawl (Boxing) 3; Drive 1; Firearms (Shotgun) 2; Stealth 1; Survival 1; Weaponry (Improvised Weapons) 2.

  Social:  Empathy (Motives) 2; Intimidation 2; Persuation 1; Socialize 1; Streetwise 1.

Other Traits:

  Merits:  Boxing (Body Blow, Duck & Sweep, Combo. Blows) 3; Resources 1; Fetish (Blessing) Tatoo 2  (Blessing of Vigor); Brawling Dodge 1.

  Health 7; Willpower 5; Primal Urge 1; Harmony 7.

  Renown:  Glory 1; Honor 2.

Gifts and Rites:

  Gift List:  Half Moon; Strength; Rage; Insight; Warding; Inspiration.

  Gifts:  Crushing Blow; Mask of Rage; Scent Beneath Surface; Hone Rage.

Notable Items:  Baseball Hat (Seattle Mariners) Favored Item; Tatoo (Blessing) Tribal Art-Starts near neck and travels down the arm to his wrist (Left Side).  Also branches over to the left chest and left upper back.




Jake Stiltner grew up in upstate PA in a small trailer park community.  His mother Linda and father Ray divorced when Jake was 5 years old.  Linda later remarried a man named Edward O'Malley.  Ray decided to up and leave, giving up on all custody to Jake.  Edward was an alchoholic and used to  mentally abuse Jake at his small stature.  Jake was also having problems of his own being picked on in school and and in the neighborhood. 

When Jake was 15, he fell in with the wrong crowd in a nearby little town.  He decided to quit school at 16 and run with his gang of friends.  Jake's mother, a meth addict by this time, had constant fights with Edward and Jake.  Jake and Edward fought constantly, and even struck Linda over some kind of disagreement.  Jake then suckered Edward and kicked him so hard in the head, that Edward needed to seek medical attention.

Linda proceeded to fight with Jake constantly after that incident.  Even though Jake tried to protect his meth addicted mother, he decided to leave his trailer with his only prized possession that his original father left for him, a Seattle Mariners baseball cap.  Jake believes that the hat belongs to his father, which was left there with the price tag on, since it was an adult sized hat.  When Jake was 5, the day his father left, he scooped up the hat and hid it in his room.

Jake then moved to the little town and shared a small house with his gang members.  The gang ran around town; vandalizing, mugging, drinking, stealing cars, and finally being locked up for various misdemeanors by the local authorities.  Jake quickly rose up to be the leader of the gang while still being one of the smallest members.

Jake took up boxing from one of his friends, and he really enjoyed that style of fighting.  While out and about around town, Jake was by himself drunk and causing some rukus around the neighborhood.  He was approached by a large man. Jake not knowing ho the man was, decided to try to beat hom down for his money.  As the first punch was thrown by Jake the man caught his arm, threw him down and decided to beat to death.  As the beating was commencing, Jake lost consciousness, and later woke up bloodied and practically unhurt.  He also saw the remains of a large figure, totally mangled and cut.  Jake got up and ran to the house to clean up and never saying a word to anyone.  See prelude 6 for the following history.


Jake is a Red Wolf.  With Reddish fur with some dark silver aorund the face with a cream underbelly.  Also a darker stripe down his spine when turned into any of his wolf forms. 

Jake Stiltner

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