Week 8.1: The Next Day


This story is for mature audiences only

The players may feel free to add their own color commentary to the narrative, just find your own way to identify your angle (Brackets,Diff.Color, etc)


Early the next morning, Ken Waters receives a call from Warden Harbrook. He’s asked to come down to the Ranger Station to recieve his assignment and schedule.

While driving in the park, a dispatch comes over the radio. There’s some trouble at one of the electic towers. When Ken arrives on the scene, one power line worker is calling out to another, lying still on the ground. “Come on man, breathe, breathe!”

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“Damn, didn’t say this was a medical emergency.” Ken immediately places a call to dispatch an ambulence to his location. Armed only with the basic first aid training, Ken administers CPR and begins to get a steady low pulse. “What happened?”

“Don’t know, we weren’t even working there.” The worker points, even from this distance, Ken can see energy sparking from one of the terminals. He grabs a pair of binoculars to disguise his Gift of Two-World Eyes. There, in the Shadow, he sees an Electricity spirit duck back into the powerlines and stride North.


Elisha Cain is likewise called to a station. Sheriff Thompson lets Elisha know that it’s probably a go for his deputization, and asks Elisha to come to the police station to fill out some final beauracratic bullshit. While filling out the papers, a call comes over dispatch. It seems that a local, Mike Verne, is taking pot shots at some of the state workers.

Photo is taken from here.

“They’re working up there, digging trenches to prevent overflow from the streams. Something to do with the work going on up at Hammond. They’re telling us to expect a lot of flooding in the streams this year. With all the crap that went on with those hurricanes and storms, folks at Harrisburg don’t want to get blamed for not being prepared.”

Elisha defers to Sheriff Thompson, who takes his cup of coffee and walks into the firing zone of the disgruntled townie. “It’s my tree, Ben,” Mike calls out. “Been in my family for generations. My dad built me a treehouse in it and when that fell down, hell, I put one up there for my kids. These assholes just want to cut it down, take what’s mine. I can’t let that happen!” In his head, Elisha feels for the guy. Somebody screwing with his territory would get his head handed to him. The sheriff manages to talk Mike down and leaves with the townie, noting to Elisha, “Make sure they get to work after we’re out of sight.”

Val and Jake

After The Car Accident by ~Kaunotukka on deviant ART

Valentina Sorrento and Jake Stiltner go to work for their usual shift at Mount Pleasant Hospital. It’s mainly a boring night in the ER. Jake spends most the night mopping the same five feet of tile. Val receives a call from an incoming ambulance, a woman has gotten something lodged in her throat at Magliore’s Italian Restaurant. Looking down the woman’s throat in between gags of blood, she sees a bone digging deep into both sides of her throat. Left alone, the patient would choke to death on her own blood. Val goes to work quickly, cutting the bone in half. When she tries to extract the bone, an odd thing happens. She swears that the bone tries to push itself deeper into the patient’s throat. After some quick work, probably should have made some kind of contested roll in retrospect Val takes the damaging fish bone out of the woman.


Troy McCallister stays at the Creed House all day, ensuring that there’s no repeat of the rat infestation or creepy girl trespass.



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