Week 7: Claiming the Territory

Eddie gets Deadie

Disclaimer: I’m ad-libbing from memory on stories that happened almost two years ago. If there’s errors, let me know and I’ll ammend them.

Disclaimer 2: This chronicle is for mature audiences only.

The pack knows that the source of the dead pack’s power is the shattered locus from the Creed house. From Ken and Elisha, they learned that while they could be shot and clawed, they could not be stopped. They knew that they had to remove the shards of the locus gem from the walking corpses of They Who Walk.

However, it was a big park. What they didn’t know was where Eddie was hiding. The group decided to split up to search as much as they could. Walking along, Ken meets a beautiful jogger in a jet black jogging outfit. He questions why she is in the park, but she doesn’t answer. Instead, she tells him that he should go see a rock and waterfall formation called Lincoln’s Stovepipe and another called the Cave of the Four Winds. She turns the corner and disappears.

Confused, but willing to work on any clue given the waning light, Ken calls the others over their walkie-talkies. They go to Lincoln’s Stovepipe and find a cave hidden by the waterfall. The place is a sad mockery of the Creed house. The sleeping circle is laid out the same way with mementos of the dead pack members laid about.

Keeping watch, Elisha spies the arrival of the dead pack and the combat begins.

A hard battle ensues where the group fights to dig the shards out of the dead Uratha flesh. Elisha brings the fight to Eddie. That is not much of a battle. The Rahu defeats, then kills the broken Uratha. Insert argument over the Harmony roll for murdering a member of the People.

The pack has the shards and the Uratha who cast the rite was dead, yet They Who Walk still rose to continue the fight. Ken remembered the other location suggested by the mysterious jogger, the Cave of the Four Winds. It quickly became a foot race to the location. Through tough determination, the pack made it to the top of the hill and saw a stone structure with openings at all four cardinal points. Inside, Anthony saw ancient Native American symbols for powerful spirits, the Wolf, the Coyote, the Eagle and the Crow. He begged for the spirits’ aid and held up the shards. A powerful wind blew from all four entrances and merged the gem into one piece.

I meant for there to be a purification and a rough negotiation with the Spirits of the Four Winds, but it was getting late and someone else was ready to start their story, so I chumped out and let it go. Still, the players were happy and I’ll put that in the Win column.

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