Week 5:Getting Acclimated

What troubles this place

Disclaimer: I’m ad-libbing from memory on stories that happened almost two years ago. If there’s errors, let me know and I’ll ammend them.

Disclaimer 2: This chronicle is for mature audiences only.

The pack begins trying to insert themselves into the culture of their territory. Val, with her nurse’s certification, makes her way to the Mount Pleasant Hospital, and gets a job in the ER during the third shift. She overhears how the hospital is short on janitors, and suggests that Jake applies. Jake gets a job on the third shift as well.

Ken contacts Warden Harbrook about his transfer to the area as a Park Ranger. Harbrook says that the wheels are turning slow, and that he’s still waiting to get the final paperwork from Harrisburg.

Elisha goes to the sheriff’s office and applies for a deputy’s position.

Troy decides that it’s his “job” to protect the homestead. This becomes a point of contention with the others, though Jake is the only person to voice his opinion.

The whole pack does some bonding over the repair of the house. They also learn a bit of the history of the Creed house from George from George’s Hardware. He mentions how when he was young, the whole grounds were covered with townies, celebrating the Strawberry Festival. He nervously eyes the natural spring pond to the side of the house. One of the pack notices and inquires. George states how he’s always felt afraid by that pool, how he heard that some lady lost her daughter in the pond. He claims that the area is haunted.

The sheriff, Ben Thompson, visits the Creed house to get an opinion of its new occupants. The group gets the feel that Ben isn’t just some local-yokel. He knew that there was something different about the Creed “family,” and he finds it odd that another group of strangers move into the house. Still, he mentions that the Creeds did well for the town, despite what some other locals say, he conveys a story where the Creeds arrived at the local school and took out some “bad” guys. When the werewolves press him for details, he declines to talk about it. Sheriff Thompson leaves with the final note that he hopes the group would also be good for the town.

One night, Troy decides to patrol the area around their home. He deftly avoids all the traps he’s laid about the small territory. In the form of a wolf, he catches the scent of blood and ash. Following the trail, he finds two men butchered. They’re hung with all of their intestines dropped beneath them in a pile. He notes that they’re strung up just like a couple of deer. Then, out of the darkness, bullets strike the lone werewolf. Troy takes off into the darkness, but is pursued. He is shot several times, getting only glimpses of the attackers. They appear to have antlers and smell of both man and deer. He manages to limp away into the darkness to get the other werewolves.

When the others manage to track down the Deer-Ridden humans, they attack without the keen precision of a pack. While the Ridden bodies are destroyed, the spirits escape back into the Spirit world. The pack learns that the deer spirits were working under the influence of another Uratha.

The next week, Ken discovers some damaged Uratha symbols, the kind that mark the edge of a territory. It claims that “They Who Walk” claim the land near Harrison State Park.

As Ken finds this out, Val is called into work early. There’s an emergency, a school bus was attacked by some wild animals. It seems the students were out by the park on a science trip when they were attacked. Troy and Anthony head out to the site of the incident, Val and Jake head to the hospital to see how they can help there. Elisha and Ken stay at the house in case this is a diversion sent by this supposed other pack.

At the hospital, things are crazy. Neither Jake, nor Val have ever experienced the effects Lunacy has on humans, but what they saw is how their mentors described it. As Val jumped in to help, Jake was recruited to help as best he could. He overhears one teenager repeat over and over, “what big eyes you have.”

The crime scene reveals little. There are claw marks on the bus, but the tracks were so muddled with the recent traffic that Troy couldn’t follow them. Anthony shifted his vision to the other side of the Gauntlet, seeing only strange leeches feeding off of the lingering fear spirits.

Meanwhile, Elisha and Ken were correct in thinking that the other pack would attack. They are horrified when they see bones and torn flesh of the approaching Uratha. There’s also an unearthly light in each of their eyes and their wounds are not healing. There’s something wrong with these werewolves, it’s as if they were the walking dead. The fight is complicated when these un-dead werewolves wield silver weapons. Ken manages to fight his way down to the one Uratha that didn’t join the fray. He remembers a picture that was in Antwon’s laptop, it’s Eddie, from the Serpent’s Creed. As he is stricken down by a bullet, Ken comes to a terrifying reality, that somehow Eddie has raised werewolf-zombies.

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