Week 17: Trial By Combat

Hello Neighbor!

Dancer in Darkness shook her head as the fight began. She had been told to watch her newly appointed packmates on their first mission. Watch and not interfere, unless the situation was dire. The mission was straightforward. Confront a spirit. Some of Freedom’s Trident human allies had been killed and it appeared that the water spirit that resided at Lake Hammond was the root of it all. The pack wanted to see how these four acted in a real world situation as they had to confront the spirit causing the problem.

Initial recon of the area had not suggested the presence of other Uratha, neither Forsaken, nor Pure. The closest pack was the Serpent’s Creed and word on the wind was that they had all been killed in Heartdrinker’s assault on the Uncounted One. So, it came as much as a surprise to Dancer in Darkness as to her new packmates when they caught the scent of these Chaos’ Shadow Uratha. And when encountered, Starry Night, unaware that she was outnumbered, turned the meeting into a conflict over territory. Dancer in Darkness, however, did know that her packmates were outnumbered. One of these new Uratha had skulked off to flank them, already suspecting that the meeting would turn to blows. She quickly decided to even up the battlefield, mentally asking the Hydra to incapacitate the thin one just off from the others. She briefly thought of ambushing the flanker, but decided that she wanted to see how her group handled a surprise from behind.

Dancer in Darkness watched with an analytical eye as the fight went badly for her new packmates. Starry Night had attempted to play the leader of her group and paid for it as two of the pack attacked her, and were quickly joined by a late arrival. With this addition, the female of their group quickly forced a submission out of Starry Night. Had this pack held back a member in reserves as well as sending one out to flank? They were clever, this Chaos’ Shadow. Clever, but too emotional. The skulker quickly succumbed to the Death Rage as he attacked Walker. The Death Rage sent Four Leaf running in panic. One of Chaos’ Shadow’s males, whom she now recognized as White Tip, a potential member some time ago, tore a rending bite from his side. Hatchet Face, too, entered the Death Rage as he found himself increasingly outnumbered and facing an equally raging White Tip. The battle, or at least Freedom’s Trident’s part in it ended when Chaos’ Shadow’s female drove her truck over Hatchet Face. An almost insane gambit, as Hatchet Face was locked in combat with her own packmate.

As Starry Night began pulling her packmates from the area, the battle continued. The two members of Chaos’ Shadow who had not fallen into Death Rage were trying to reach their packmates. The one who had spoken with Starry Night seemed to having success with the skulker and White Tip. The night was broken with honking as the other was getting his head slammed repeatedly into the female’s truck steering wheel as he tried to subdue her rage. The one who had spoken with Starry Night was finally able to talk the female out of her rage after ordering the other male to back off. Perhaps he was Chaos’ Shadow’s alpha, although he may only be their Elodoth.

Clearly, her packmates had lost this battle. The skulker was emphasizing this point by quickly marking the territory. They had not lost this battle because they were outnumbered. Her packmates had lost because they were trying to impress her, attempting to make a name for themselves in the Freedom’s Trident. Chaos’ Shadow had won because they put everything on the line to defend what they called their territory. They would make for interesting neighbors. Dancer in Darkness thought it would be good to greet them.

She stepped out from the shadows of the forest night, transforming to her human form as she did so. She greeted them, “Greetings Chaos’ Shadow. I am Dancer in Darkness of the Freedom’s Trident pack. I wanted to thank you for the lesson you taught my cubs this night.”

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