Week 13: Paying a Debt

Say hello to my little friend

Disclaimer: This chronicle is for mature audiences only.

It was Friday night. Ken knew that the group had to repay the debt they had to the spirit of Magliore’s Italian Restaurant. “Pay each spirit in kind,” he murmered as he came down the steps. The group was gathered about the coffee table, lounging on the couches. He could see they were arranged in their usual way. Val and Jake sat near each other, as did Troy and Cain. Anthony was in the kitchen, near the others but not yet among them. His space, in the middle, was still unoccupied.

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He sat, “So, we’ve got to do that favor for Magliore’s tonight. What do you think about cutting power to the area?”

“I think that both places are on the same grid,” Cain answered.

“What about loosing some rats or cockroaches?” Troy offered.

“Where you going to find rats?” Jake challenged.

“Not in our basement,” Val chuckled, remembering what happened to the last set of rats.

“I’m sure there’s plenty around back at the Chinese place.” Troy responded, not backing down.

“Yeah, but you gonna go diving for them yourself? You can’t even get off the couch.” Jake pressed.

Val wished the two would just get on with it. Sure, Troy was skilled at pissing people off, but it was like him and Jake were born to rub each other the wrong way. The tension was practically stinking up the place. Stinking up the place. “How about we get a skunk?”

“Yeah, but how do you get one not to spray you?” The idea was clever, Ken admitted, but they were predators. The creature would sense that and let loose right away.

The idea immediately impressed upon Cain. “I know a Gift that allows me to talk to animals. We could just ask it.”

“It wouldn’t even have to go inside the place.” Val added, now fully believing that her idea was worth defending. “I can call upon a wind to blow the smell into the restaurant.”

“You guys have fun doing that. I’m getting some rest before I go on patrol.” Troy commented. It sounded like they had a plan. He wouldn’t be needed.

“Yeah, you work so hard at doing nothing.” Jake again pushed.

“You know, why don’t you come running with me and see if you can keep up?” Troy followed, defending his work in protecting the territory.

“You’re on. I’ll probably run rings around you.” Neither noticed that the rest of the pack had moved outside, already putting their plan into action.

Living so close to the wilderness, it was easy for Ken and Cain to find a skunk. They crept close, cutting off its path of escape. Cain called upon his Gift, “Hello there my friend.”

The skunk was startled, ‘No, run, must run, not get caught.’ It arched its back and started to turn around.

“No, no, let’s not do that. I just want to talk.”

‘No eat?’

“No, I don’t want to harm you. Here.” Cain tossed out some leftover meat.

‘Poison? No, no die.’ It turned, and seeing Ken, shrunk back to its earlier position. Cain slunk forward and took a bite of the meat and then slunk back. The skunk, assured that it was not being poisoned, nibbled at the food.

“Good, huh? There’s more of that if you do me a favor.” Cain continued to lay out his plan to the skunk. It eventually agreed.

On the deck, Troy and Jake watched Ken, Cain and Val pull away with the skunk in the back of the truck. “You think their plan will work out?” Jake shrugged, cracking his knuckles. Troy smirked and checked the clip in his pistol.

Ken peered in his side view mirror, looking back at the Creed House. “How much you want to bet that the place is wrecked when we get back?” His companions chuckled.

The plan worked. A swift breeze sprayed the foul stench into Mr Stir Fry’s. As the werewolves crept away, they could hear the patron’s retching reaction to the smell. Surely, Magilore’s spirit would be pleased this Friday night.


I think Me and Troy both proved that we could actually behave when left alone.

Week 13: Paying a Debt

I think Jake finally thought better of the situation, when he realized no one would be there to get his back, when things went bad!

Week 13: Paying a Debt

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