Week 12:A Victory, a Defeat, a Revelation

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Disclaimer: This chronicle is for mature audiences only.

Jake turned the engine of his truck off. It looked like everyone else was home. ‘Home,’ he thought to himself, sarcastically. Hell, maybe it was like home. He had just had his head handed to him by Cain, just like Edward did when he was younger. He rubbed his eyes, “Gotta get outta this funk, man.” He told his reflection in the rear view mirror. He had been feeling like shit lately, the fight hadn’t helped him much, neither did all the shit he took from Carl at the hospital. The electrical problems had kept him busy all day. All Jake wanted was to go inside, take a hot shower, and crash. All the cars were in the driveway, that probably meant that everyone was in. If he was lucky, that fucking mooch would be out “patrolling.” ‘Probably licking his own balls out there,’ Jake chuckled to himself.

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Inside, he quickly noted the silence. He pricked up his ears and listened as best he could in his human form. Nothing. That meant only one thing, they must have used the locus to travel into the Shadow Realm.

Sure enough, Val had left a note for him. At least she could be counted on to keep him in the loop. The note said that they were going into the Shadow to check out the problems at the hospital, then they were headed to some Moore dude’s place to check out something there. Jake sighed, stretching out the stiffness in his shoulders. He felt tired, but it was his responsibility, both to the territory and to the werewolves he lived with. He eased mind in the light of the locus and shifted into the Shadow Realm. The electrical problems had stopped at the hospital; Jake decided to go to the second place.

In his Urshal form, Jake’s ears were much more useful. Even at a distance, he heard the others in combat. Fluid voices chanted “In, In.” Sparking voices, also in the First Tongue demanded, “Work, Work.” Yet, it was the battle which called to him. Ken had been keeping them from throwdowns with the spirits for a while now. It would be good to remind these spirits who was in charge here. Without hesitation, Jake lept into the fight, fangs reflecting the rage of Mother Luna’s light.

It was the Blood Talon way to commit to being the perfect warrior. Part of being a warrior was knowing who your enemies were. Clearly the group was fighting the black spirits. Some crawled on spider legs, others slithered, some did both, some flew in the air. They were weak, but they were many. He placed himself near Val and Ken. The other part of being a warrior was knowing your allies. Val he trusted at his back. Ken, who was useful in spirit negotiations but not so much in battle, might need his help.

His teeth tore at the wet flesh of the creatures. Their dark ichor soon glazed his muzzle. Jake wasn’t well versed in the Shadow Realm, but he guessed that these were some type of fear spirits. A wave of uncanny power passed over him, one of the flying kind was using its power, threatening him with images of weakness. He dug his paws deep into the earth, fighting the urge to run, to hide. He was not weak, he was a warrior. He would not be swallowed by the fear. He leapt into the air, shaking off a snake-like paranoia spirit from his back and crushed the attacking spirit with his jaws. The wings, now severed from the body, flopped to the ground like wet leaves. No, he would not be swallowed by fear. He would drink it like his mother’s milk. He ground the life out the paranoia spirit with his jaws and let loose a victorious howl.

Jake fought on. The battle brought a clarity back to him. Pushed aside was all the bullshit of work, the pain of losing to Cain, even the anger he felt towards Troy. In this moment, Jake knew who and what he was. He was one of the People, a werewolf, and he was meant to fight along side his People. He saw that Ken felt the same way. Together, they fought the way wolves fought. Ken nipped at the heels of the blackened spirits, allowing him to descend on them with his fatal bite.

Soon enough, the battle ended. Val turned to Jake, “I see that you found the note.” Jake grinned, his sharp white teeth dripping with the blood of his enemies. The group tore down the nests of viscous webbing, receiving no thanks from the water and electricity spirits. They were too focused on ‘getting in’ and ‘doing their mission’ to say anything to the werewolves that had just aided them.

The next day brought grim news. Cain had driven out to the Material Realm’s location of their battle. He wanted to see if dispersing the Paranoia spirits had released David Moore from their grip, or if Moore’s paranoia had drawn the spirits. But Moore hadn’t answered his door. No insults, no threats, Cain heard nothing from inside the Moore house. He managed to get a key from a curious neighbor and entered the building cautiously. Upstairs, he found that there was no need to be concerned about Moore. He was dead on his toilet seat. Cain called Katie and had her tell Mount Pleasant Hospital to pick up the body.

Val was waiting for the body of Moore to arrive at the hospital. After Cain had called in the death, he had called her to keep her eyes open. On the pretext of stealing some extra supplies for the ER, Val found her way to morgue’s office. There she read that Moore had died of dessication, all the liquid had been taken out of his system.

Upon hearing the fate of David Moore, Ken was frustrated. He had thought that the Paranoia spirits were causing the problem, but they were the only thing that was keeping Moore alive. The Moores, David and Stephanie, and James Burke, “We need to find out what’s the connection between Moore and Burke.”

“Anybody got a computer?” Troy asked. He had some experience in tracking down information on the internet.

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“Yeah, I’ve got one.” Val spoke up. “But you’re not touching it unless you want to pay for the internet service.” Still, it was a good idea from Ken. There had to be some reason why the spirit’s were launching attacks on the citizens of Wellsboro.

While they were arguing, Cain put a call into the station to see what he could find out about Moore and Burke. “Oh Heavens,” Katie sighed sadly, “both David and James’ parents passed due to accidents. It seems that they’ve had a run of bad times. Still, they say that the Lord only doles out what you can handle.” The Wellsboro dispatcher told Cain that Burke’s father died by accidental blunt trauma and his mother died in a car accident. Moore’s father died in a boating accident. “Wait a minute,” Katie paused, “Moore’s mother has a case file attached to it. Gosh, it looks like she was murdered. The case number looks like it was handled by the State Troopers.” She read off the number and Cain repeated his question. It was interesting about the parents, but that didn’t get them any closer to solving the problem. “Oh, of course, Officer Cain, let’s see.” The dispatcher hummed ‘Amazing Grace’ as she scanned the files. “Yes, it looks like they were both born in a place called Cooksfield. Huh, I’ve never heard of that place.”

Cain thanked Katie and passed the information on to the others. Again, they ran into a problem. There was no Cooksfield in Pennsylvania. “No,” Troy insisted, “look, go to this website and look there.” Val considered the cost of buying a new laptop versus the joy of putting it through Troy’s head. She gritted her teeth, though, because he had found something. “See, there, Cooksfield. It was removed from the registry of towns in 1980.”

Ken looked at the screen as they searched for an 80’s map of the state. They found Cooksfield. He noted the latitude and longitude of the missing town. It wasn’t too far. He flipped through his map of the state. “I know why the town’s missing.” He showed a small blue outline, labeled Lake Hammond. “They made a resevoir and flooded it.” It hit Ken. With these other werewolves, he had sought for the truth behind the spirit’s actions. It was so clear, the water spirits, the electricity spirits, even the fish spirit. A resevoir, a dam, probably run by Pennsylvania Power and Lighting. “It’s trying to kill them. The town is trying to kill its descendants.”


YES!!! My new deed name….Suits me perfectly. I lap it up like a thirsty dog on the hot streets of Arizona. I guzzle it down like an alcoholic falling off the wagon again. :) And I got a new deed name for Troy….ummm how does “lazy asshole” sound to all of you? hee hee


Yeah, LAP DOG sounds good for Jake.


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