Week 11:A Trip to the Hospital

It's a little shocking

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Val was hoping that a day at work would give her time to cool down. She was happy that Jake was looking out the window, lost in his own thoughts. Maybe he didn’t want to deal with anyone of the Uratha kind either. All she wanted to do was get knee deep into work and leave her little square of werewolf craziness for a bit.

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‘Of course,’ Val thought to herself, ‘you get what you wish for.’ She had wanted to get engrossed in her work and work was hopping. Walking into the hospital, Val saw that they were only on emergency lighting. Everyone was scrambling about, making sure that the patients were alright and that it was only the electrical equipment that was failing. Val immediately went to the locker room to get changed and get to work. Jake was appropriated by Carl, the head janitor to assist the electricians however they needed him.

In town, Cain was just finishing his cup of coffee when Katie Pope came over the dispatch. There was a domestic disturbance going on at the VonStuckles. Arriving on the scene, Cain found the VonStuckles, Tom and Judy, in a pitched arguement. Judy launched some golf clubs onto the SUV waiting in the driveway. “Why don’t you stick those up your whore secretary’s pussy!”

“It was just a late night, I had the big contract in Mansfield to close.”

Cain moved in between the two, “Listen, can”

Judy cut him off. “This isn’t your business! You’re not the Sheriff. I don’t know who you are.” Cain wondered if he could get away with shooting them, maybe just a flesh wound or maybe he could get his baton out.

He began walking back to his car, opening the trunk and getting the stun gun. The arguement continued, like a hive of unsettled wasps, behind him. He returned to Tom, “Why don’t we just stop causing all this scene for the neighbors and go inside?” Indeed, he had seen the guy that had pissed him off the other day, the Moore address, scoping the scene through bent blinds.

Tom VonStuckle shook his head, “You think I’m going in there? She’s off her rocker.”

Judy had her own response to Cain’s calm request, “Ain’t no way he’s coming in here with all that bitch stink on him!”

Cain had enough, “We can either go inside and talk this over, or,” he lifted the stun gun, “I can use this and carry you both inside and we can talk this over.” The couple’s eyes widened, backing slowly before Cain’s slow, inevitable walk.

It had taken some time, but Judy and Tom had calmed down. Stepping back onto the street, Cain looked into the Shadow realm, shifting all his senses to pierce through the Gauntlet. It was hard to see, he was a Rahu, not very skilled in the way of the Spirit world. What he saw, though, was cause for concern. Foggy black shapes scurried back and forth from a huge black mound. Cain’s senses snapped back. Moore’s house was right where the black mound had been. It was something to tell the others.

Back at the hospital, Val was leaning up against a wall, fixing her shoes. They were uncomfortable after all the running around today. Suddenly, the lights above her began to explode. “What the hell?” Just as suddenly, the explosions stopped right in front of a patient’s door. She ran over, the folder had the name: Burke, James typed on it. ‘Burke,’ Val paused gathering her senses, ‘wasn’t that the guy Ken talked about?’ She pitched her senses forward, punching through the invisible barrier that seperated the worlds. It was dim, but she couldn’t mistake seeing a large spark arc about the room, chasing it was a bright silver streak. Like her fellow Rahu, Val came to the conclusion that she would tell the others about this.

Just as promised, the two filled in the rest of the werewolves living at the Creed House. Cain started with a question directed towards Ken, “What can drive you crazy?”

Ken smirked, “I don’t know, living in the same house with five…,” a quick glance about the room suggested that the others, especially Cain himself, weren’t in the mood for cracks, “nevermind. Could be a lot of things reaching across the Gauntlet.” Cain continued on with his story about the house covered in black. Val followed with the streaks of energy and silver light.

Troy was the first to comment, “Sounds like we should check out Moore’s.” Ken disagreed, feeling that the hospital should take precedent. “Didn’t you hear Cain? It’s a huge black mound. Plus, from the sound of those neighbors, it sounds like it’s spreading out to the rest of the area.”

Ken shook his head, “Val might have seen an Electricity spirit, probably because of all the electrical problems that Jake is still dealing with. There’s a lot of people relying on getting power there. If we want to save lives, we should hit the hospital first.” Val agreed, despite Jake working there too, she considered it under her protection first.

The group travelled down to the locus and travelled over to the other side of the Gauntlet. The transformed into the powerful running form of the Urshal, the great wolf, and began the long trek to the hospital. “We need to Dedicate a truck or something,” Cain huffed as they ran.

The gleamingly anti-septic walls of the hospital gave a washed glow to the hallways. The werewolves’ nails clicking on the linoleum floors. “What’re those babies” Troy began to question as he saw a small baby begin to suck on the fingers of another.

Ken shuddered as the one baby began to consume the other, “I don’t think those are babies, maybe Joy spirits, joy of a new child.” Cain questioned if the group should do something, or if this was the way things were. “Everything thing here is a predator,” Ken instructed as they moved on.

Even though the others were distracted by the spirits, Val had kept ready, sharp as her fangs. Behind the group, near one of the outlets, she had seen a small spark. Just as the Electricity spirit’s sinewy form snaked out of the outlet, she lept only missing by a small margin.

The spirit did not warn them, it unleashed a powerful blast down the hallway. From one Uratha to the next, the energy arced between them. Val rebounded grasping the spirit in her strong jaws. Ken called out as the spirit whipped Val off of its body, “I don’t know if we should be doing this. The spirit was being chased by that other spirit. The hospital needs electricity.”

Anthony had held back as Val had surged forward. Now he saw a spirit turn the corner. It looked like a wire-worked form, all planes and sharp angles, made of a bright steel. It’s razor fingers and toes gripped the wall as it asessed the scene. “We’ve got company.”

Ken moved up to Val and Troy, joining them between the two spirits. “Why are you chasing this spirit?” He questioned.

The spirit spoke in sharp, ringing tones, the kind of sound made when two sharp edges strike each other, “It is in my territory, Uratha, move or suffer the consequences.” Troy did not understand the spirit’s words, but he knew its tone and its stance. This thing was ready to attack them in a breath.

At the same time, the Electricity spirit struck again, it’s power surging towards those that stood in front of it. It spoke in the First Tongue to Val. She didn’t understand everything, but she did understand ‘move aside,’ and ‘finish the kill.’ Val looked to Troy. He asked her, “You want to go all in?”

Val nodded and struck once again at the Electricity Spirit with her heavy wolf form. It wasn’t what Troy had suggested, maybe ‘all in’ didn’t mean the same thing to every werewolf. Back with his old pack, it was the code to shift into the terrible war form of the Uratha, the Gauru. He also thought that the Metal spirit was the more immediate danger and wanted to attack it. Still, they were supposed to be a pack, and one thing he always knew was that you back your packmate’s play. He forced his body into the war form and attacked the Electricity spirit.

Cain and Anthony shifted into their own Gauru form and joined Troy in his attack. Against a tenative pack, unsure of its intentions, the spirit could have won or even pushed its way past. But against a pack of Uratha whose only goal was to tear its enemy limb from limb, the Electricity spirit could not survive. In a cascade of sparks, the spirit discorporated.

Ken turned to the sharp metal spirit, “Now what?”

“Now you may leave my territory, Uratha.” A vague sense of menace tainted the spirit’s voice. Perhaps it was shamed, needing to rely upon the bastard spirit children of Luna to solve its problems.

“If any more problems crop up, call for us.” Ken said cautiously, he wanted to begin some kind of relationship with the local spirits. The Scalpel spirit did not respond. It climbed the wall, leaving small incisions as a trail.

Once the spirit turned the corner, Cain suggested, “I think we should leave.”

The pack left the bleached white walls of the spirit of Mount Pleasant Hospital and went to investigate Cain’s problem. They travelled around the glowing light thrown off by the lanterns of Wellsboro and came to Cain’s ‘black mound.’

It wasn’t a mound as much as it was a nest. Spider-like black spirits the size of large rats scurried their way about the black strands. Some, who had wings, flitted about starting nests where the physical location of the VonStukles and Fogles house. Above, on the power lines, small Electric spirits sparked at the black spirits. At ground level, tiny water spirits attempted to envelop the dark creatures.

Ken spoke with one of the tiny spirits. “It said they wanted to get into the mound, which is where I guess they’re supposed to go. But I’m not sure.”

“How come?” Val asked. It seemed pretty straight forward to her. There were all these nasty little creatures causing problems, she had such big teeth and sharp claws. They seemed destined to meet.

“This might be caused by the guy on the other side, his fear, his paranoia, might be drawing all these spirits here. We may need to take care of this on the other side of the Gauntlet.”

“We need to take care of both, right” Troy spoke his mind. “Let’s take care of these things and then we’ll head to the other side and do what we have to do there.” It sounded like a plan, the werewolves readied themselves for another battle.


Before it left, Seeker told the scalpel spirit that if there were anymore problems in the hospital, the pack would be back.

Week 11:A Trip to the Hospital

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