Ken Experience 2

To Fight Tooth and Claw

Note: Walk is intended for mature audiences only

Ken checked the notes he made at his grandmother’s once more before getting started. Placing his notebook down he walked out the appropriate distance and began marking a circle in the darkness of the Shadow. He then sat in the center of the circle and placed the rabbit meat in front of himself and ignited it. Ken breathed deep and let forth a howl to add to the smoke of his offering. He was confident in the intonation and ritual taught by his family to summon the type of spirit he was seeking.

The first Ken saw of the summoned spirit was its golden eyes reflected in the dying embers. “It has been a long time since I’ve heard the call of a half brother.” The wolf spirit spoke slowly as it came into view.

Ken placed his hands at his side, showing that he did not mean to further the summoning into a binding. “I am Seeker of Truth. I have called to ask you to teach me to fight with tooth and claw.”

The spirit laughed. “Not in that weak form. Those teeth too flat, the claws too brittle.”

Ken clamped his lips shut on his initial comment. The spirit was trying to goad him into a fight, a reason to leave the summoning. “You know this is not the only form I have.” He pressed on with the negotiations. “I offer you to sup from our locus once a lunar cycle and the freedom to hunt within our territory.” He smiled briefly, remembering when Val suggested that he offer the spirit Troy’s left nut.

The wolf shook its head. “Long has this land been bereft of the natural order. My kind hunted and persecuted by the ever hungry, ever devouring humans.” It began padding around the circle. “To teach you I seek a return of our kind to this territory, or, barring that, a penance by the two legged parasites who know not what they have lost.”

Ken knew the difficulty the rangers were having with the wolf population in a national park as large as Yellowstone. There was little to no chance of introducing wolves to such a little state park as Leonard Harrison. But he did have access to the education center at work. He could introduce an education program there. “I agree to your terms.”

The wolf spirit nodded. “Then, half-brother, we shall meet again under this moon.”

As the wolf padded into the darkness, Ken called after it. “How shall I call you?”

The spirit called back from the darkness, “I am Prowls-Alone.”



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