Experience: Ken 01

Iron-Binder,” Ken’s Grandmother’s strength carried in her tone even through the phone. He would have to watch and learn how she was able to do that so he could replicate it when necessary.

“It’s Ken. I need some more learnin’ and thought it wise to ask permission to visit.”

“I suppose I didn’t waste my time after all,” she offered gruffly.

“Thanks,” he answered wryly. “See you in about 6 hours.”

After telling the others he would be gone for a few days to learn what he needed to start working on the territory, Ken drove to the Gatekeepers territory in the wilds around Morgantown. He could feel it when he crossed the edge of the territory, a warm shiver that brushed at the hair on the back of his neck, and even spotted a wolf form sliding amongst the shadows, paralleling his driving as he wound his way up the lane. ‘Soft-Foot isn’t being particularly stealthy,’ Ken thought to himself.

Most of the pack was waiting for him when he got out of his jeep. The tension wasn’t as bad as when he had met Freedom’s Trident, but it was more noticeable now that he was as much outsider as their cub. He tilted his head to the side slightly, revealing his throat to show he was no threat.

“I have a tale to tell,” he said after they had greeted him and he had thanked them for their permission to enter their territory. Around their fire, he spoke of the fight at the restaurant against the Pure before even reaching the destination. He told them of the others who were supposed to make a pack, of learning about Serpent’s Creed and dealing with the rogue pack member.

His Grandmother’s eyes were hard on him as he spoke about the lightning spirit and the fight in the reflection of the hospital, his dealings with the spirit of Wellsboro and Magliore’s, figuring out what was happening and going to Cooksfield to stop it, and the fight with the encroaching pack.

When he was done and finally fell silent, the Gatekeepers looked to Iron-Binder solemnly. “Take off your shirt. We will ask the Lunes,” was all she said. Ken blinked at first uncomprehendingly, then shrugged out of his shirt as she drew some sigils in the dirt around him. Taking up a low chant, his Grandmother started walking slowly around him, dragging tough fingernails over his skin is strange patterns.

She chanted in the First Tongue. He could not pick up on all the intricacies of it yet, but he puzzled out parts of it. “… treated fairly with the spirits…” “… respectful to those above him…” “… with meager skill against stronger foe did he keep the enemy from causing his pack woe…” “… facing down Kuruth not once but three times…”

After several minutes, he could feel a tingling in the marks she drew on him. Another moment, and a silver glow grew from them, bringing a biting cold. He bore it silently as the spirits reached out through the Gauntlet and touched him, following the same patterns. They flared finally as his Grandmother pulled her hands away, and faded steadily until they could no longer be seen. “The Lunes have seen fit to grant you some measure of Honor for your deeds. Soon, tomorrow, a wolf-spirit will arrive and grant you knowledge of a Gift. Choose wisely.”

Player Note: As discussed, I bought one Honor Renown. I haven’t written up the rest yet, but the free Gift will be Warding 1 – Ward vs Predators



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