Recently, the territories of Pennsylvania fell prey to the powerful spirit, known as Toth-Culthos, the Uncounted One. An uneasy alliance between the packs of Forsaken and the Pure waged a pitched battle against this demon and won. The victory was a phyrrhic one. Only a single pack survived the struggle. The territories’ spirit wilds were decimated, it’s Gauntlet left undefended.

Into this dire situation, a misfit band of Uratha arrives accepting an invitation to defend a small patch of land in Tioga county.

Can the Chaos’ Shadow pack survive in this hostile territory?

Do they have the will to walk the path of the Forsaken?

The Story So Far

Where the stories of Tioga’s werewolves are told


Follow the personal growth of individual pack members
Jake’s Notes
Ken’s Notes
Troy’s Notes
Val’s Notes
Cain’s Notes
Anthony’s Notes

Preludes and Interludes

Read what has happened or is happening beyond the pack’s eyes

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2:37pm on March 5, 2012: A new chapter begins with Week 24’s post


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